If you have request then you can put it in the comment section below.
I may considered doing it. I don’t do license novels.

If you definitely want the request novel then consider to donate.

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233 thoughts on “Request

  1. Could you make an epub for the following Ancient Strengthening Technique or World Defying Dan God, martial world and update martial god asura and against the gods


  2. Henkan-sama
    Thank you for the amazing epubs all these years, you’ve been a great provider to us lesser ones. Arigatou gozaimasu

    m(_ _) m

    Would you provide us boon and grant us an epub for God and Devil world? It’s a nice read and hopefully catches your attention.

    Have a good one


  3. Can you make an epub of all the I eat tomatoes novels? You have desolate era already but Coiling dragon(complete), stellar transformations (complete), Swallowed star latest volume so many, Lord xue yue, 9 squadron etc. Not included. It would be best of you have those. They’re top notch novels. Thanks!!!


  4. I would like to ask if this series is still on going? “The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero” if this series is still on going would you consider of making epub for volume 4
    Thanks befor i love your work


  5. With ISSTH finishing so soon would you consider doing volume 9 and 10 to finish it off.
    Thank you very much.


  6. Please consider making epubs or pdf for these novels:

    isekai mahou wa okureteru!
    nidoume no jinsei wo isekai de
    nidome yuusha
    monogatari no naka no hito
    to deprive a deprived person



  7. Would you consider making epub for
    Battle through the heavens
    Martial world
    True martial world
    Renegade immortal


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