When I was reading a manga call Tenses Sitars Slime data ken. There were few chapters available, so I got frustrated because I want to know more about it. Then I saw there was light novel available. But didn’t know I will like it because I’m use to pictures. But then I fell in love with light novels. Because I’m always in the move, I like to read the light novels on my phone. But there aren’t many epubs available. So I thought, why not make epubs light novels so everyone can enjoying it.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey just wondering what epub reader you use because when I download your epub I can’t use them because their not inside the zip file, just a bunch of stuff and a cover


  2. Ever since I found out about your site I’ve been stalking it. Like literally. Even though I should know by now that you don’t make epubs everyday I still find myself looking through here everyday, hoping you’ve made another one. It’s really embarrassing for me, but that’s how much I like reading. So I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my otaku heart.

    P.S: I was just wondering about Death March, it suddenly disappeared from your roster of light novels one day & I never really found out why. Is it licensed or something?

    Again many thanks, and may you live long and prosper.


  3. Oh man I just discovered your site and I have to thank you. I’m an avid reader of light novels but most of the time my internet is down so Epubs, PDF, and the like are so much more useful for me!

    Thank and I hope you will keep doing epubs.


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