Hey guys, I just bought a new ssd from my pc that why there are slow releases.

Had problems with windows and my programs. Tomorrow I’m going again release epubs.

Sorry for the wait.



Let me know

Because I do close to 31 epubs, I can’t track all the light novels on time. Sometimes I am late when volume or chapters of a specified light novel is done. So I ask of you guys or girls if you see a light novel volume is done let me know by commenting in the request page. With your help I can release that specified light novel quicker.

Thanks and enjoy reading.

PS: I redone the Skill Taker’s World Domination – Building a Slave Harem from Scratch epubs. Check it out.


Hello everyone.

I have decided to changes my theme for a better overview. To see the light novels click on Light Novels or put your mouse on Light Novels and there you see the list.

To the new visitors, welcome. To download the epubs, click the title or click on the image.

Thank you for your understanding.